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PIRATES' Announces A New Name:

Nonprofit Communications and Media Network

After 60 years, a name change for PIRATES was necessary. Many wondered about the meaning of the PIRATES' acronym and what it had to do with the organization's purpose.

Through a year-and-a-half process, your volunteer board of directors verified that the organization's name was confusing for potential and current members.

When created as a nonprofit organization in 1955, PIRATES was the acronym for the Public Interest Radio and Television Educational Society. A few decades later, that acronym evolved into the Print Interactive Radio and Television Educational Society.

In 2014, perhaps you attended the State of PIRATES meeting in Santa Monica. That process, combined with online survey results, reflected that the organization is valuable and fulfills its purpose. At the same time, most expressed that PIRATES should change its name to better reflect its purpose, to be more relevant (and easier to explain!).

The re-branding feedback steps identified central organizational themes and descriptive words: nonprofit, communications, media and network.

After much discussion and planning based on member and non-member feedback, the board of directors voted unanimously to celebrate the organization's 60 years of service in the greater Los Angeles area with a new name for a new era, the Nonprofit Communications and Media Network (NCM Network). Our new website is www.NCMnetwork.org. Our new Facebook page is www.facebook.com/NCMNetworkSoCal, and our new Twitter page is www.twitter.com/NCMNetworkSoCal.

For 60 years, PIRATES has, and now the Nonprofit Communications and Media Network will continue to produce high quality programs with networking opportunities essential to its members and the media.

Serving the Southern California community, the organization EDUCATES nonprofit professionals, CONNECTS with media, and CREATES communications and cause awareness that make an impact.

As an all-volunteer organization, we have no paid staff and rely on people like you to get involved.

We ask you to help celebrate our next 60 years and get involved to build our membership, assist with monthly programs and help the NCM Network give back through our scholarship program for college students in the communications field.

If you have any questions, please call 800-752-6515 or email membership@ncmnetwork.org. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming NCM Network event.




Twitter: @NCMNetworkSoCal


As a non-profit organization every dollar counts! If you reserve via phone, email or website and fail to attend, you will be billed. You can pay ahead of the meeting via the online links below or pay with cash or check at the door. Exact change is appreciated.

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