The State of PIRATES: Bring Your Ideas and Help Determine the Future of PIRATES!     

Wednesday, July 16th 

For more than 50 years, PIRATES has been a leader in connecting news media and nonprofit organizations. 

PIRATES (Print Interactive Radio & Television Educational Society) is dedicated to helping nonprofits work more effectively work with the media through media and communications training and regular opportunities for nonprofits, the media, and other communications professionals to network.

Now is your time to come prepared, brainstorm and provide your unedited feedback and recommendations at this free and lively event to discuss: 

  • What is working well with PIRATES?
  • Where is PIRATES missing the boat? What is not working so well with PIRATES?
  • What are the most significant opportunities for PIRATES and its members?
  • What do you want from PIRATES that you have not received?
  • What does PIRATES provide that is invaluable?
  • What are the best locations and venues for PIRATES events?
  • Does PIRATES currently fulfill its purpose?
  • Is PIRATES a valuable organization?
  • Do you think PIRATES (Print Interactive Radio & Television Educational Society) should change its name to better reflect its purpose? 
  • Do you think PIRATES' membership and meeting costs are fair?

 Whether or not you can attend the event, please complete the online survey by Friday, July 11, at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RFYY72K

For those who both complete the survey AND attend the meeting, we are offering a chance to win a free Annual Pass membership to PIRATES.

First prize includes the $75 annual membership fee AND free admission to every meeting though June 30, 2015 including the Holiday Party and the Media Mixer!

Second prize will be free admission to a regular meeting of your choice. (Excluding the Holiday Party and the Media Mixer, which are special events.)


8:30-9 a.m.: Check-In and Continental Breakfast

9-11: Program       


City of Santa Monica Main Library

Multipurpose Room

601 Santa Monica Blvd.

Santa Monica 90401  MAP

(FREE validated parking and parking meters are available.)

RSVP: Please email joyce.e.harris@hotmail.com or call (800) 752-6515




PIRATES Congratulates 2013-2014 Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship Recipient Rossini Batino!

 photo Rossini_Batino_Photo_zpsb0be9b3b.jpg Rossini Batino’s career goal is to become a Public Health communication’s professional.  She has never given up on herself because she believes that her “career goal has the potential to influence a system of health communication, anywhere in the world.”  She also understands “the purpose of this scholarship is to recognize students ‘who have excellent potential for improving lives of people in Southern California through a communications career’.’’ Rossini explains she is “pursuing a career in health communications where communication is the core of effective public health system – that would not only improve the lives of people in Southern California but also anywhere where health is valued.”

Here is how Miss Batino answered the question, discuss your view of the communications industry and its role in today's society?:

“The communication industry is the core of civilization.  The communication industry changes rapidly as the society changes and as the technology advances.  Mass communication media such as television, radio broadcasting, online communications, public relations, motion pictures and etc; have allowed us to instantly transmit information worldwide.  This is a powerful and crucial tool in creating bonds, having our voices heard and most importantly promoting awareness regarding global issues such as social, political, and environmental issues.  The communication industry is our external senses that allow us to access information about what’s happening around us.  It’s hard to imagine our every daily lives without online communication, for example.  Knowing that we are oblivious to the events around us can increase our anxiety and confusion.  Globally, imagine the status of international trade without the communication industry – it’s almost improbable!  The marketing industry and other business companies heavily depend on the communication industry.  WE, as citizens, depend on communication media to keep us inform and alerted.  With that said, I believe that communication is what is keeping our society functioning and in order - for that matter - it is the spine of the 21st century.”

Rossini recently transferred from Orange Coast College to attend University of California, Irvine (UCI) as a junior, with a 3.94 grade point average.  Her major is Public Health Science with emphasis on Public Health Global Communications.  Currently she works for 24 Hour Fitness as a Kids Club Attendant / Service Representative and enjoys the children.  She is also a private tutor for a 6-year old with mild ADD.  She assists the child with writing, reading, counting and “cool” science experiments.  Additionally Rossini is a Clinical Care Extender Intern at Hoag Presbyterian Hospital in Newport Beach.  She assists the nurses and patient care assistants in attending to the patient’s needs. 


PIRATES (Print Interactive Radio & Television Educational Society) is dedicated to helping nonprofits to more effectively work with the media. It is the only L.A. area association that offers regular opportunities for nonprofits, the media, and other communications professionals to network.


c/o CityTV

1654 19th Street

Santa Monica, CA 90404

2014 – 2015 Application Process: New scholarship applications will be posted and accepted starting in March 2014.  Application deadline is May 31, 2014





Lisa Davidson Memorial Scholarship Application Deadline is May 31, 2012
More info: http://piratesla.org/scholarship.html

A Gift From The Ad Council!

PIRATES 11/10/10. Attendees not in order: Debra Evans,  (Walden House);  Susan Evans ( East LA Partners For Change); Jane Garcia (Women In Film); Robin Gee (CityTV);  Louis Gross ( Shriners Helping Kids); Erin Handelman ( So CA Foster Family & Adoption); Meg McDonald (McDonald Media Services); Esther McDowell (LA County/Women's Health Dept); Genevieve Riutort ( Westside Food Bank);  Philip  Sokoloff (Public Relations); Brenda Vazquez ( Partners In Care); Andy Weisser (Public Relations); John Boal (Ad Council) and LaFern Cusack (SCBA).




c/o CityTV Studio 16
1654 19th Street 
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: 800 PLANK (15)

As a non-profit organization every dollar counts! If you reserve via phone, email or website and fail to attend, you will be billed. You can pay ahead of the meeting via the online links below or pay with cash or check at the door. Exact change is appreciated.

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